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The menu has six items. Press Resume to continue whatever game was played most recently. To start a new game you select Tracks and a list of available tracks opens for you to choose from. If you select Curling a two player tournament style game starts that applies regular curling rules.
 Editor gives you a possibility to create your own custom tracks. Leaderboards opens a view to Game Center where you can browse the score boards of all tracks.

In Settings you can control the game sounds and change the friction property of the field that determines how well the stones are sliding on ice.


The track list has initially twelve different kind of tracks for you to choose from. The tracks have non-movable barricade stones placed on ice to act as blockers that force you to use different kind of tactics to get your stones to the target area.

You score points for every stone that you get to at least touch the target area. The closer to the target center the stone stops the more points it earns and your total score is the sum of all your stones.

If you play in single player mode the points that you score are registered to the TOP 6 tables that are shown for each track in the track selector. The track selector also shows the positions of the stones that scored the current top score.

The Game Center view over the track shows the player that is currently signed in to Game Center and the score and ranking
for that player on Game Center leaderboards. Click on the Game Center text to open a view to the leaderboards.

In two player mode both sides play four stones in turns and the winner is the player whose stones give more points once all stones have been played. 


In curling mode there are two teams, both playing eight stones in turns and the regular curling rules are applied. One 'End' consists of both teams playing their stones and the winner is the one whose stone is closest to the target center once all sixteen stones have been played. The winning stone gives the team one point. If also the second best stone belongs to the winning team it gives another point. And if the 3rd best stone also belongs to the same team it gives a 3rd point and so on. So, in theory it is possible to win an end by eight points if the team gets all its stones to the target area and the opponent gets none. After each play of a stone the blinking indicators around the stones depict the ones that are currently leading.

The game play mode has a score board that accumulates points from up to ten ends so it is possible to play a real tournament between two teams.


The player that throws the last stone in curling is said to have the 'hammer'. This is usually a clear advantage and to keep things even the loser of an end always gets the hammer. If neither team scores any points in an end the team that had the hammer can keep it to the next end. This is why it sometimes may be better to score no points at all than to win an end with just one point and lose the hammer.

Track editor

When you open the Editor from the main menu the game field opens with eight dark stones around the target. These are the barricade stones for you to use for creating your own track. You can freely drag and move the stones around to wherever you like on the field. You can also remove stones by simply throwing them out from the end of the field. When you are happy with your stone setup you save it and it will be added to the list of selectable tracks in the tracks menu. The app will also automatically start saving and managing high scores for the new track. 
Sharing a track

Share track button is enabled for your self designed track on the top right corner of the track selector view. When you click on it a link will get copied on your device clip board. After that you can share the link for example by pasting it to an email or chat window. When the recipient clicks on the link (and has the app installed) the app is launched and the new track gets installed in that device. The preset tracks that come installed with the app cannot be shared.


An essential part of curling game is the sweeping where you use a broom to decrease the friction on ice next to a stone. This way the stone slides
longer than it would otherwise do. You can start sweeping by touching a sliding stone. A sweeping broom animation appears next to the affected stone for couple of seconds per each touch. You can only sweep for one stone at a time but you can sweep any stone as long as it is still moving.

Killing a stone

When a stone is sliding on field and you double tap on the field the stone is immediately removed from game. You can use this for example to discard a stone if the launch failed so you don't need to wait for it to stop before you can play the next one.


All stone launches are recorded and after the stone has stopped you can replay the stone with the button at the launch area. The replay is possible until you select to play the next stone.


The Settings button on home screen opens the preferences view. It has switches for turning on/off the audio effects or parts of them. You can for example silence the background tune that is always playing on the Home screen but yet keep the
game sound effects on.

The four rock rule that is used in curling can be disabled. This rule states that you are not allowed to hit out of the field such opponent stones that lie in front of t
he target area. This rule is there to make it a little more difficult for the player with hammer to remove all the opponent stones from the field. The rule, if enabled, is  only in effect for the first four stones in a game.

By the slider control in the preferences you can fine tune the friction of the ice field. The higher the friction the quicker the sliding stones come to stop. Return the original factory settings by the Defaults button. The right side bar button opens a Help text that gives a brief description of the basics of the application and some terminology explanations.

This is the track that is looping on the background

Bike ride

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Martti Juotasniemi,
Apr 20, 2012, 9:36 PM