Game Help


 • You choose a track from the list of available tracks and select to play in either single player or two player mode.
 • Points are given for every stone that at least touches the target area and the closer to the target center the stone stops the higher the score gets. Maximum points for a stone is 180 if it stops right in the center of the target. The final score in a game is the sum of all your stones. 
 • The tracks have fixed barricade stones on field to add challenge to the game and you try to earn points by getting pass those stones to the target area.
 • If you are playing a single player game you have eight stones per game. The high scores of the single player games are listed on the tracks in the track selector. The stones on track in the selector also shows how the current top score was achieved. 
 • In two player games the red and yellow teams have four stones each. The winner is the team whose score is higher after all stones have been played. The scores of the two player games are not registered in the high score tables.


 • In this mode the red team plays against the yellow team and regular curling rules are applied. Both teams have eight stones and the teams take turns launching the stones. When all 16 stones are played the winner is the team who's stone lies closest to the center of the target. If the second best stone belongs to the winning team it gives another point. If also the third best stone belongs to the same team the score is three points and so on ... so that in theory it is possible to score a maximum of eight points from one end in case the winner gets all its stones to the target area and the opponent gets none.
 • An 'end' is a term used for a session where both teams play eight stones.
 • Winner of an end throws first in the next end. If the end was a tie the same team starts that started the previous one i.e. when a team has the benefit of throwing the last stone (a.k.a. hammer) it will keep it until it wins an end.
 • The score board registers the points from up to ten ends after which the game is over and the winner is the team with higher total score from all ends played.
 • When you select Curling from the home screen you are presented with two options; you can start a new game or you can continue one of your earlier games that are available in the Saved games list.


 • This button takes you back to the game that was played most recently. Use this button to continue a previous game or to check how your last play ended.


 • There are several factory made preset tracks available in the game but if those are not enough you can design your own tracks by using the track editor.
 • The editor starts with all barricade stones standing on the target area and you can start moving the stones freely to any positions on the field.
 • You can discard stones by throwing them out of the field.
 • When you are done with editing use the Save As button to give your track a name.
 • Once you have saved a new track it becomes available in the track selector.
 • You can share your self designed tracks by using the Share track button in the track selector. This button copies a link to your device clipboard that you can paste for example to an email. A click on the link in another device launches the app and installs the new track.


 • Audio effects of the game are arranged in three groups; audience sounds, background music and stone sounds. By using the check boxes in preferences the sound groups can be disabled individually. All audio, including the button clicks, can be suppressed by turning the Silent switch on.
 • Four rock rule: this rule is applied in Curling mode. The rule says that an opponent guard stone may not be removed from game before both teams have played their first two stones. A guard stone is one that has crossed the hog line but stopped before the target area. If you remove opponent's guard stone with your first or second stone your stone is removed from game and the opponent stones are returned to the positions they had before your throw.
 • Friction; the slider allows for tuning the friction of the playing field. The higher the friction the faster the sliding stones come to a stop.

Hog line 
 • Hog line is the black line on the track after the midfield. Stones that come to stop before crossing this line are removed from game.

Curve slider 
 • At launch there appears a slider at the bottom of the screen for setting a curve on the stone. The stone will tend to curve to the side where you set the slider.

 • Sweeping is used to temporarily decrease the ice friction in front of a selected stone and this way make the stone travel longer than it would otherwise do. You can initiate sweeping by touching a sliding stone. The stone can be any moving stone but you can only sweep for one stone at a time. The sweeping continues for couple of seconds at a time and is depicted by an animated broom next to the affected stone.

Killing a stone 
 • While a stone is still sliding after a launch you can kill it by double tapping on the field. This will remove the stone from game and you can continue with the next one.

Saving and deleting 
 • In Curling you are asked to give a name when you start a new game. These games are saved by the system and after exiting a game you can continue it by selecting the game from the Saved Games list. In this list you can also delete games that you don't need anymore.
 • For Tracks only the most recently played game is memorized by the system. If you exit a game you can continue it by using the Resume button on home screen but whenever you start a new game you cannot continue the previous one anymore. A little peculiarity that you may notice is that the system saves the latest Tracks game by the name “tricktrack” and it can be selected amongst Saved games in Curling mode.
 • A list of available tracks appears when you press Tracks on home screen. This list has a button for you to delete any custom tracks that you have either created with the Editor or that your friends have shared with you. The preset tracks that came with app in the installation cannot be deleted.